1. withoutthesewalls said: I am glad you were born and for that today is worth celebrating. Hope you get to celebrate today, in whichever way you please. :)

    Congratulations! You are the first person to say happy birthday! Thank you very much. I am going to celebrate by going to sleep, because it’s gone midnight and I’m not entirely sure why I’m still up.

  3. Gravity (2013)

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  4. It’s my birthday is exactly two hours, and I’ll almost certainly still be awake then, so I expect the birthday wishes and presents to begin arriving immediately.


  5. I wonder if all the GamerGate cunts are going to boycott BioWare for coming out swinging in support of an anti-rape campaign.


  6. The problem with seeing one spider is that I spend the rest of the night looking out for spiders.

  7. beckw1n:

    New Avengers v3 #23

    Sorry…why did everyone try to stop this guy from ruling the world again?

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  8. kelseighn said: Okay Gail, it's time to level with us fans once and for all. We've got to finally clear up this King Shark business. He's not really royalty, is he?


    You are missing the key element, which is that he is a SHARK.


  9. I’d forgotten how weird the Jesus Baltar community are.